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What can Sunvolt Solar Electric do for you?

Sunvolt Solar Electric is a complete renewable energy resource for your home power needs. I can do everything from site visits to system design and equipment sales as well as shipping, installing and servicing a system suited to your needs and expandable enough for the future. I can also perform any single or combination of the above mentioned tasks, at your request. I am prepared to teach, develop or promote any aspect of the system design or installation process as your project demands.

I love traveling to do jobs. I am quite prepared to leave on fairly short notice to travel long distances to perform an installation or service call. I enjoy setting up shop on site and staying until the job is done. I am open to work trades, vacation trades and other creative ways of reciprocal compensation. To date, domestically I have traveled to Texas, Arizona, and Colorado for remote work. Internationally, I hope to make it to Mexico, China and Costa Rica in 2005.

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